Discipline and Work Ethic

Chandler Redmond is a sophomore baseball player at Gardner Webb University. Known for his power at the plate, he already has 6 homeruns on the season and has been impressive behind the plate, having one of the top caught stealing % in the country. Chandler took the time to share his thoughts on how his extra work and discipline have helped him succeed at the next level. 

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Five a.m. weights, a full day of class, and a three hour practice. That’s the bare minimum of a typical day for a division one baseball player. Doing only those things will leave you in the middle of the pack without the separation necessary to secure a starting job or much less play at the next level. In order for you to create that separation, you need to put extra hours in the cage and weight room and you need to clean up your diet.

The most important thing you can do as a player is hit. If you can hit, the coaches will find a spot for you in the field or as a designated hitter. That is what you need to spend most of your time doing. The guys that have really separated themselves at this level are spending a minimum of two extra hours a night hitting. Every night. Not every once in a while, but each and every night. They have found a routine and they execute that routine daily to make sure they have something to fall back on when adversity hits. It is not enough to just get your work in at practice. The extra hours in the cage are where you really perfect your swing and make the jumps necessary to go from a middle of the pack guy to an every-day guy.

A lot of guys over-look the weight room when it comes to baseball because “you don’t need to be that big for baseball”. The weight room is where your team is defined. In the weight room, you will find the mental toughness of the team and how much someone truly cares. If they care about the team, they will push themselves and one another past their perceived limits. If they don’t care about the team then they will sit back, cut reps, and not hold each other accountable for the work they put in. However, you need to put extra hours in aside from the team lifts. “There is no substitute for strength, and no excuse for the lack of it.” You can create separation with the physical aspect of baseball in the weight room. This includes your conditioning, not just lifting weights.

Lastly, you can create a separation with what you eat every day. If you constantly eat the pizza buffet at the café and are drinking soda with every meal, then you aren’t going to perform to the best of your ability on the field and in the weight room. All the extra work you put into the weight room will be all for naught if you do not take care of your body with what you put in it.

The separation comes from consistent daily work and daily habits. You cannot do things once in a while and expect to be good. Everyone wants to be good, but not everyone wants to put in the work it takes to be good. Separate yourself each and every day. Be disciplined.

“You cannot climb the ladder of

Success with your hands in your pockets”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

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